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Dear Museum Visitors,

Synagogue Halderstraße © JMAS / Wolfgang B. Kleiner

the Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia was established in 1985 in the west wing of the impressive Augsburg synagogue. The first Jewish Museum of the Federal Republic of Germany, which is supported by a foundation, sees itself as a museum of a historical minority. It is also a museum that, from its grounding in the Jewish history of Bavarian Swabia, poses questions about the present and future of our society. This is a place where aspects of migration, integration, belonging and culture are discussed from a Jewish perspective. And a place where diversity is neither a threat nor a selling point but simple a reality.

Our permanent exhibition is located in the synagogue Halderstraße in the City Center. A visit of the exhibition also includes a look inside the magnificent synagogue, which was inaugurated in 1917 and is used by the Jewish community.

Former Synagogue Kriegshaber © JMAS

Our location in the Former Synagogue Kriegshaber, the oldest preserved synagogue in Bavarian Swabia, was opened in 2014 and shows in a very special way that the Jewish history of Augsburg cannot be told without that of the rural communities in Swabia. The Former Synagogue is now an event and exhibition venue.

A multimedia guide is available to discover the Former Synagogue and the Jewish Kriegshaber.