Jewish Culture Museum Augsburg-Swabia Foundation

The Jewish Culture Museum Augsburg-Swabia Foundation was founded in 1984 as a public foundation based on German civil law by Senator Julius Spokojny, at that time the President of the Jewish Community Swabia-Augsburg.

From the Statutes, August 30, 1984:

§ 2, Paragraph 1

Foundation Goals

1. The Foundation promotes the fostering and preservation of Jewish culture. Thus it pursues solely and directly purposes for the common good in the terms of tax and revenue laws, and does not act on its own behalf.

2. The Foundation goals will be pursued in particular through the installment and operation of a Jewish Culture Museum that is open to the public, furthermore through the communication of knowledge about Jewish culture, through the fostering of collaboration with other organizations with similar goals, through guided tours, exhibitions and lectures, and finally through collaboration with other museums that pursue the same or similar purposes.

Foundation Governing Bodies

Foundation Managing Director

  • Helmut Hartmann

Foundation Council

  • The respective President of the Jewish Community Swabia-Augsburg or his deputy
    Currently delegated: Hary Lin
  • A representative of the City of Augsburg, if possible from the cultural department
  • A representative of the District of Swabia
  • Dr. Walter Eschle, Foundation Council Vice-Chairman
  • Dr. Georg Haindl, Foundation Council Chairman
  • Dr. Iradj Neman
  • Silvio Wyszengrad

Honorary Council Chairman

  • Gernot Römer

Advisory Board

  • Prof. em. Dr. Rolf Kießling, Ph.D., retired Chair for Bavarian and Swabian Regional History at the University of Augsburg (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Brenner, Chair for Jewish History and Culture at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Dr. Peter Fassl, Cultural Historian for the District of Swabia
  • Dr. Josef Kiermeier, Munich Center for Museum Education
  • Dr. Otto Lohr, Bavarian State Office for Private Museums
  • Bernhard Purin, Director, Jewish Museum Munich