Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia
Past and Present History

The permanent exhibition in the Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia, installed in 2006, features selected objects that document the rich culture and changeful history of the Jews in Augsburg and Swabia from the Middle Ages to present times. It also depicts the changes in religious practice in the course of time, showing Jewish history as an integral part of Augsburg and Swabian history.

A series of portrait photos taken by Michael Melcer of Berlin draws attention to today’s Jewish community with its various migration experiences.

Interactive media and listening points complete the presentation. Special children’s stations are geared for our little visitors.

The museum is located in one of the most beautiful synagogues in Germany. A visit is also included in every museum tour.

Topics and Displays

  • Jews in Augsburg
  • Biographies & Family Stories
  • Eyewitness reports
  • Life-cycle Celebrations & Holidays
  • Rural Jews & Jewish Swabia
  • The Shoa & Emigration
  • Swabian Jews Around the World
  • Today’s Jewish Community
  • The Synagogue’s Architecture & History

Listening Points

  • Synagogue Memories
  • Reports on Nazi-era Persecution
  • Recollections of the 1945 Liberation and the Years Immediately Following
  • Eyewitness Reports on Festivals and Celebrations
  • Synagogue Liturgy

Computer Stations with on-screen Presentations

  • Middle Ages / Jewish life in medieval Augsburg
  • Beginnings – after 1440 / Jewish Life in Early Modern History
  • Integration / Family and Business Stories After the Emancipation
  • 1933 – 1945 / Fates During the Shoa / A Chronology
  • Beginnings – after 1945 / Emigrants – Immigrants – Remigrants
  • Jewish Swabia
  • Celebrations in the Jewish year
  • History of the Building / Synagogue’s Architecture and History

Children’s Stations

  • Stamping With an Medieval Seal
  • Writing in Hebrew
  • Understanding Yiddish
  • Getting to Know the Festivals
  • Jewish, Christian and Muslim Life-cycle Celebrations

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