Volume 5 LIFELINES. German-Jewish Family Stories.

Monika Müller, “It’s a cruel hand we’ve been dealt.” The Einstein Family of Augsburg-Kriegshaber (ger./en.)

The fifth volume of “LIFELINES. German-Jewish Family Stories” deals with the Einstein family of Augsburg-Kriegshaber. Contemporary witness Liese Fischer neé Einstein from Silver Spring / Maryland visited Augsburg in November 2012 and gave account of her family’s fate.
Liese Fischer was born in 1925 to an esteemed Jewish family. Her father Moritz Einstein conducted, together with five of his seven brothers, the cattle trade “Gebrüder Einstein” (Einstein Brothers) in Kriegshaber, one of the preeminent livestock businesses in Swabia up to the era of National Socialism. After the National Socialist accession to power, Liese Fischer’s parents were still so respected in their personal milieu in spite of the governmental discrimination that they did not feel seriously threatened. The events of November 1938 made them realize their threatened existence. However, despite intense efforts they did not succeed in finding an emigration country willing to admit the whole family. They could only bring their children Liese and Siegbert to safety in Great Britain by means of the Refugee Children Movement in July 1939. Moritz Einstein and his wife were deported to Auschwitz in March 1943 and murdered there. After the war, Liese Einstein went to the USA, where a new life began for her.

Monika Müller, LIFELINES. German-Jewish Family Stories: “It’s a cruel hand we’ve been dealt.” The Einstein Family of Augsburg-Kriegshaber, Volume 5, published by Benigna Schönhagen for the Jewish Culture Museum Augsburg-Swabia, Augsburg 2012, 96 pages, color and b/w photos, texts in German and English, ISBN: 978-3-9814958-1-2

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