Volume 4: LIFELINES. German-Jewish Family Stories.

Benigna Schönhagen, „…“…we can be so glad to know that the children are safe.” The Lamfromm Family of Augsburg (ger./en.).

The fourth volume of “LIFELINES. German-Jewish Family Stories” deals with the fate of the Lamfromm family of which contemporary witness Eva Labby neé Lamfromm gave account in 2011. Her family had been an economically successful and greatly respected part of Augsburg’s society. Yet, in 1937, eight-year-old Eva left Germany forever together with her parents and sisters. Due to the early emigration date, the family was able to plan and prepare for their departure. While being spared of the existential hardships of Jewish people emigrating at a later date, they still had to bear the loss of their entire financial capital as well as, hardest of all, the loss of relatives and friends who died in Theresienstadt or Auschwitz. Nevertheless, due to their determination and commitment, the Lamfromm family was able to build an internationally successful company in the United States and hence represents an example for the chances offered to Jewish immigrants in the USA.

Benigna Schönhagen, LIFELINES. German-Jewish Family Stories: “…we can be so glad to know that the children are safe.” The Lamfromm Family of Augsburg, Volume 4, published by Benigna Schönhagen for the Jewish Culture Museum Augsburg-Swabia, Augsburg 2011, 91 pages, color and b/w photos, texts in German and English, ISBN: 978-3-9812246-8-9.

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