Catalogue to the Exhibition LEAVE? or STAY!

Andrea Sinn, LEAVE? or STAY! (ger./en.)

“LEAVE? or STAY! The Everyday Lives of East European and German Jews in the Postwar Era, 1945-1950” is the catalogue to the first part in a series of four temporary exhibitions of the Jewish Culture Museum Augsburg-Swabia, taking into view the development of the Jewish community in Augsburg from 1945 to the present. The current publication sheds light on the years between 1945 and 1950.

It is still scarcely known that at the time, there lived as many Jews in Bavaria as never before. For most of the survivors, it seemed unthinkable to stay in the country of the murderers; yet, this became their temporary reality while they had to wait for the foundation of the State of Israel and for their admission to other countries. For most of the Jews stranded in Augsburg, too, the city with its two surviving synagogues was only an incidental way station, ending in 1948 with their emigration. Staying behind were those who could not fulfill the conditions of host countries, for their health and strength had been exhausted in the camps. There are hardly any material remnants from this time of scarcity and transition. What is traced here are therefore ephemeral snapshots in time of a life in transition, in which Augsburg became the point of departure to a new Jewish future in diverse and often contradictory ways. The memories of DPs (Displaced Persons) for whom Augsburg became a temporary involuntary home shed new light on the city in the postwar era.

Andrea Sinn, LEAVE? or STAY! The Everyday Lives of East European and German Jews in the Postwar Era, 1945-1950, Volume 1 in the series “Jewish Life in Augsburg After the Catastrophy”, published by Benigna Schönhagen for the Jewish Culture Museum Augsburg-Swabia, Augsburg 2012, 88 pages, color and b/w photos, texts in German and English, ISBN: 978-3-9814958-0-5

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